Training Programs

All training programs are customized according to on-site conditions and in response to specific requests. On-site trainings may range in focus, from concerns with the management on CSR implementation to an engagement with the challenges of motivating management team and workers to achieve measurable results.

Trainings are based on the principle that effective training provides participants with the tools and knowledge-base to achieve social compliance. It must enlist ownership, management, and workers as active stakeholders who see their roles as partners in attaining the standards specific to the brand's Code of Conduct. TAOS Network is committed to developing such partnership solutions.

Management Capacity Building

The Sustainable Social Compliance Program (SSCP) developed by TAOS Network is focused on increasing the capability of the supplier factories to implement social compliance on the production floor.

It assists the participating factories in acquiring the knowledge, skills, and techniques to integrate social compliance implementation into standard company systems and processes while enhancing the company’s competitiveness in the global supply chain.

Employee-Management Dialogue Training

The rapid shift in the social compliance field from an enforcement model to a recognition that the factory management and workers must be enlisted as co-stakeholders if sustainable social compliance can be achieved at the factory level. The innovative training method is to engage the various levels of management and workers in working on real problems faced on the production floor through the application of effective “dialogues”.

Worker Participation

Worker P&R - Participate in Your Work & Represent Your Community. The objective of the program is to increase the worker participation at the factory level by assisting the factory to develop an effective worker committee that represents the workers as an important stakeholder in achieving social compliance requirements. The focus will be on raising the quantity and quality of the worker feedback and the effective communication between all stakeholders.

Worker Benefits & Well-being

Worker Benefits and Workers’ Well-being training programs provide factory workers with the knowledge and understanding of their legal benefits, general health and mental health. Curriculum includes Legal Benefits Awareness , Workplace Health Education, Personal Growth, and Improve Quality of Life at the Workplace and Home, etc.

Gender Awareness

Under this program, specific topics are designed for female workers, such as Women’s Health and Reproductive System, Women Production Worker Empowerment, Gender Equality, and Women Leadership.

Parenting Training

As per the data from National Statistics Bureau, there were 169 million migrant workers in China in 2016, the number increasing to 179.69 million as measured through the first three quarters of 2017. A majority of the workers left their children in their hometown. The topic-specific training course is designed to promote the self-value of migrant parents and to help to reduce the feeling of alienation between migrant parents and their children.

WeChat Express

The program is designed to use WeChat, the most popular social media, as a vehicle to provide workers the platform where they can express their feelings and thoughts about the day-to-day life on the production line and the factory worker community. Factory-specific design is available.