Auditing Program

TAOS Network is composed of a team with a combined 80-year experience conducting audits in China and South Asia. The audits are the by-product of a triangular approach: on-site inspection of the factory complex, documentation review, and extensive interviews of management, supervisory staff, and most critically workers on and off the production site. Over the past twelve years, members of our team have interviewed over 30 ,000 workers in China alone.

This extensive experience and the resulting sophisticated approach combines to produce the expertise and infrastructure capability to create an accessible, yet thorough report that includes comprehensive profile of a factory, with an eye towards placing the factory in the context of local conditions, an in-depth analysis of workers' base and overtime wages and work hours, a detailed assessment of the compliance level of factory’s HR practices, a careful monitoring of the health and safety and labor conditions, with special attention to issues of harassment and child labor, and a compliance Action Plan (CAP) development.

TAOS recognizes that, while the tools of the process—an accessible, yet comprehensive CAP—are crucial, what is of most value is the skills of our internationally experienced team as communicators, facilitators and leaders.

Audit provided includes:

  • Comprehensive Factory Audits
  • Monitoring Audits
  • CAP Verification Audits
  • Facility Risk/Pre-production Assessments
  • Other Audits Upon Request